• Est. 1995

    Edinburgh University Polo Club

  • Events

    The Edinburgh Annual Tournament (TEAT): Date TBC


    Lessons are run during university term time:

    Monday-Friday at 2pm

    Saturday at 11am

    Freshers Fair

    Come and find us at the Fresher's Fair in the Pleasance Gym during Freshers Week to find out about everything we have in store for the upcoming year!

    Open Day

    Date TBC. Head over to the Dalmahoy Marriott Country Club with us to meet some of the ponies, hit a ball about on the wooden horse, meet the committee and watch a chukka. This is a great opportunity to really see what we are all about and what is in store for the upcoming year.

    The Edinburgh Annual Tournament (TEAT)

    We are pleased to announce that after a brief hiatus The Edinburgh Annual Tournament will be going ahead this Autumn. More details will be released shortly.

  • The Club

    A brief overview of our history and what we provide!


    The Edinburgh University Polo Club was founded in 1995 by Mark Emerson and James O'Connell.


    Our integral aim is to provide affordable polo lessons regardless of ability and to aid the development of the game in Scotland. As a friendly and relaxed society we welcome players of all levels.


    All polo lessons are provided by James Douglas at the Dalmahoy Marriott Country Club, Edinburgh.


    Ponies of all levels and required equipment from hats to mallets are provided.



  • EUPC Membership

    For the 2020/21 academic year membership prices are as follows:

    Yearly Membership: £50

    Semester Membership: £35

    Social Semester Membership: £15


    Membership is essential and can be purchased through the Sports Union website. You are required to make an account first, and then you'll be able to view and select a membership option.


    Membership includes insurance which covers those playing. Social membership provides access to discounted socials across the year. The first week of lessons, at the start of the academic year, will take place without compulsory membership to enable taster sessions. However, from this point membership is compulsory.

  • Lesson Bookings

    Lessons are provided on a weekly basis normally at 2pm and are bookable through the SlyReply system that is updated regularly on the Member's Facebook group.


    The Members Facebook Group can be accessed by the purchase of club membership. If you have further questions please don't hesitate to get in contact.

  • The Committee

    Meet the 2020/21 EUPC Committee

    Isabel Ward





    Alicia Myers

    Vice President

    Molly Gemmel


    Tuppence Mellish

    Georgie Rigg

    Alexandra Stewart

    Social Secretaries

    Rebecca Swanson

    Polo Manager

  • Contact

    Still confused about anything? Send us a message!

  • Social Media

    Whatever your medium, we'd like to hear from you!



    Facebook (Member's Page)

  • Practice makes perfect! 

    All training sessions are conducted at James Douglas at the Dalmahoy Estate. Lessons are £35 each, payable directly to James. Lessons can also be bought in bulk, at £140 for five lessons.


    You can get the X27 or X28 bus from Princes Street that arrives directly outside the training grounds; simply check for bus options through Google Maps.