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Summer Nationals 2014

It seems like centuries ago, but on 13th June 2014 the Edinburgh polo team swooped en masse to the Dallas Burston Polo Club. Going through the automated gates past the bank of international flags and shiny Texan letters, we could be forgiven for thinking we had strayed into the “Dallas” television series- everything was pristine and ostentatious.
It turned out that our side of the fence was considerably less well appointed than we thought and there were professional matches in progress on the sunny side. However, a jolly good time was had by all- the universities who actually turned up. There were fewer teams than Winter Nationals but that did not dampen our spirits. Thom Bell’s ponies were available from the crack of dawn to late at night, beautifully turned out and well travelled.
There were great performances across all teams and the polo was fast, furious and satisfying. It was classic Pony Club Camp for students, with large quantities of meat, cake and lashings of beer. Evening highlights included our occupation of the mysterious marquee in the middle of the field, our venture into Leamington spa and the party at the swanky clubhouse where everything had the name Dallas Burston printed on it, even the wristbands.
There were no cliff hanger endings and we left content having had fun in the Warwickshire sunshine. As they say on “Dallas”, “Anything worth having is worth going for all the way”. 
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